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A2 Loubenegg

With Daren Cilau collapsed, it was looking like it would be a quiet few months digging-wise. We did, however, have the Fat Belly Boys’ summer retreat to Switzerland to look forward to! Last winter, Phil and Matt went out to join the H√∂hlenforschungsgemeinschaft Region Hohgant (HRH) caving club for a recc√© of the cave ‘A2 […]

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Glacial karst: Descent into the Gornergletscher

The Gornergletscher is the second largest glacier system in the Alps, found on the western side of the Monte Rosa Massif flowing down towards the town of Zermatt. The glacier was the centre of interest for the Italian La Venta team during the 80’s and 90’s, during which time they found, explored and described a […]

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