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The Greenland Ice Sheet

Off the back of the BBC’s Frozen Planet, Alun Hubbard asked me to create a website detailing the research him and his team are carrying out on the Greenland Ice Sheet. The site is now up on the university webpages atĀ www.aber.ac.uk/greenlandĀ and encourage everyone to have a look. As well as presenting the various scientific projects, […]

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Large iceberg calves off Petermann Glacier, NE Greenland

By large, I mean nearly 100 sq km, or about 1/4 of the glacier’s ice shelf. The event occurred on August 5th and was picked up by MODIS satellite imagery; Google Earth file from here The story has attracted substantial media attention due to it being the largest iceberg to form for ~50 years in […]

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Adventures in Greenland

Just over three weeks ago on the invitation of my supervisor Alun Hubbard, I set off for West Greenland to meet up with him at his research camp on the ice sheet. Also there were a BBC crew filming for a new series called Frozen Planet, due out next autumn. The following hopes to give […]

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From folk festivals to moulins of doom

Last weekend was Priddy Folk Festival – plenty of hippies, fantastic weather and cheap cider made for a pretty relaxing time on Mendip. However, the other reason I was down that weekend was to get some SRT practice in before I head over to Greenland. The plan, seemingly concocted on a drunken night out several […]

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