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North Africa: 4. Morocco

After the huge overland traverse from Benghazi to Tunis, we arrived in Casablanca pretty shattered. A few days sitting on a beach would have been fantastic, but with only a few weeks left before heading home I wanted to see as much of Morocco as possible. From Casablanca we planned a short circuit of the […]

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North Africa: 3. Libya

At Tunis airport it was obvious we were the only non-Arabs on the flight to Tripoli. As we boarded, people were asking if we were journalists; of course we weren’t, but we stuck to the job description on our visa forms of ‘engineers’. Once landed in Tripoli airport we joined the mass of people at […]

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North Africa: 2. Tunisia

Tunisia was an unexpected destination after our time in Egypt, but our travel options had been limited by this point after the Libyan consul in Alexandria refused us entry visas. We submitted another visa application before leaving Cairo, hoping that we could pick up entry stamps at Tripoli airport three weeks laterĀ  instead. Arriving in […]

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North Africa: 1. Egypt

Deciding that you want to go travelling somewhere is the easy part. Organising and making the dream happen is the much harder next step. To make an east-west traverse across North Africa was the idea of my friend Oli, as a sort of procrastination for returning to the UK from her home in Syria. I […]

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