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Caving log

Speleo sorties 2008-present

Svarthammergrotta9/10/16Found the cave on the second attempt thanks to Carly finding decent coordinates. More developed passage than expecting, with even a short round trip. Bottom of the cave ends in a low water-filled bedding plane.Carly, Matteus, Sina
Reinvikhola2/1/2016A recent (2013?) discovery with active streamway. Impressive ice stals and phreatic passage near the entrance. Did a round trip following much of the original 'discovery' route of gold survey markers.Kari, Kenneth
Markusgrotta7/1/2015Winter weekend trip to continue exploration of Markusgrotta. Skied up to hut on Friday afternoon with no major navigation issues. Cave entrance was not significantly blocked - half hour to remove enough snow to enter. Jan Thomas and I surveyed 70 m of small vadose passage (a narrowing inlet from surface), while Tore and June attempted to discover a connection with Telemarkus. Came out ~7 to clear skies, nordlys and a pleasant ski down to the hut. Coffee and cakes on Sunday afternoon back with the owner of the hut.Jan Thomas S, Tore B, June L
Sidcot Swallet2/1/2015The Lobstor Pot provided some entertainment, as did the duck full of ducks.Rich, Oli
St. Cuthbert's Swallet1/1/2015A leadership training trip for Henry and Rich - standard tourist route. New Year's Eve hangover didn't disappear undergroundRich, Estelle, Henry D
Unknown6/12/2014A recently discovered cave in Litjeelva, off Svensborgtinden. Unexpectedly well developed stream passage, ending in a narrow bedding plane.Kari, Oli, Chris
Markusgrotta11/10/2014Mass trip with the local outdoor group. 3 hr hike up to the limestone platue on Markusfjellet. Decent cave system, with large rift stream passage at the bottom. Plenty of fossil phreatic passage above. Potential surface digs aplenty.Tore B, Jan Thomas S plus 8 more.
Svarthammarhola, Kvithola, Svarthammargrotta9/6/2014Svarthammarhola is an immense cave system, much of it probably bigger than the Time Machine. More impressively, it contains its own underground glacier! Potentially good dig at the far end of the cave. Birds had stolen our stash of Snickers bars from outside the entrance by the time we got out again. The atmosphere in Kvithola was completely different, having been made entirely within white marble. Largely vertical with many sporting climbs. Svarthammargrotta ended up being surprisingly deep, the lower rift reminiscent of Eastwater. Cave lengths from the Norwegian descriptions were suspiciously small for all. Anthony D, James S
Gråtådalen (Beiardalen): Stormdalhullet, Jordbruhullet, Rønnåhøla, Løvstadgrotta8/6/2014Many holes to explore in this cave-rich valley. Meltwater floods meant Stormdalhullet was out the question. Jordbruhullet offered an impressively large view into a now collapsed system. Rønnåhøla has been fitted out with handrails and a bridge by the local caving club for easy access into this impressive resurgence. Some scrambling in fossil passage above the streamway didn't go far. Finally, Løvstadgrotta, a small cave on the opposite side of the valley with a series of cold entrance lakes.Anthony D, James S, Darryl A
Kvanndalshola7/6/2014First caving excursion in Norway, to the Salten area, camping in the town of Rognan. Kvandalhola is an active river cave some 4 km away from the nearest road. Plenty of short pitches, longest of which was the 11 m entrance. An unbolted climb prevented us from reaching the terminal sump. James climbed up into some short extensions above an inlet on the way out.Anthony D, James S, Darryl A
OFD 219/1/2014Last caving trip before heading off to Norway. Some bimbling down to Judge & Trident, as well as Swamp Creek, where we bumped into Lucy and Plymouth Uni. Hellie and Rufus left soon after, while Rich took some photos for his caving techniques project down Maypole Inlet. Went out via Edward's Shortcut (with some usual navigation issues from Rich).Rich, Rufus, Hellie, Alex
OFD 118/1/2014Monster through trip to Cwm Dwr with the BEC. High water levels meant Hellie had to lead us via the wire traverse. The boulder choke connection was fortunately not sumped, but still pretty wet. Diver's pitch was also loud and soaking. Rob plodded steadily at the back with a bad hangover.Rich, Rufus, Hellie, , Rob, Lucy, Alex H, Lydia, Cameron, Estelle, James B
Ribblehead31/12/2013Celebrated the last caving trip of the year with champagne that Hellie had brought. A nip in and out of some small holes, back in time for the party at the Helwith Bridge.Rich, Rufus, Hellie, Milkybar, Mo, Lucy, Alex
Lionel's Hole7/12/2013Our aborted trip to Draenen got downscaled to the Round trip in Lionel's. Failed to find a way on despite exploring numerous routes through the boulder choke. Had to abandon further exploration to be back in time for the BEC's Christmas partyOli, Ben H.
Ogof Draenen23/11/2013Pete and Fleur had successfully been shown the route to Gooseberry Rift the week before, so the aim of this trip was to make a further assessment of dig potential and possibly widen some of the squeezes in the rift. Some draught was present, and were successful in creating a larger bypass to the dig face. Scaffolding etc will be needed to make any progress at the front though. Out in time for pizza and the PDCMG meeting.Pete, Chris D, Andreas, Tom
Giant's Hole14/9/2013A Round trip jolly.Colin
Ogof Draenen31/8/2013A look at the Haggis Basher #2 choke, and in-and-around Interesting Times. No fantastic draughts found, but a really interesting area worth pushing.MadPhil, Rob
Peterson Pot26/8/2013Moved to Bullpot Farm after curry in Settle. Another thru-trip - planned to come out Pippikin Pot, but ended up going to Minstral instead. Roly Poly Passage offered some good sporting exercise on an otherwise fairly short trip.MadPhil, Rob, Noel, Holly
Providence Pot25/8/2013Large social thru-trip to Dow cave; top bimble without needing to do SRT. Only minor navigation issues.MadPhil, Rob, Fleur, Noel, Holly, Andy C
Stream Passage Pot24/8/2013Had thought about Henslers, but a forecast for massive rainfall during the night had put us off. Rob and I rigged over the Craven's ropes (bank holiday winch meet). Phil bailed at the bottom of the 2nd pitch after getting bored. Found way to main chamber to see it lit up.Rob, MadPhil
A2 Loubenegg (Switzerland)7/8/2013Bounce trip to Bivouac 2 after Phil and Tom's camp to collect and clear out all our gear. Their last push in the Keller found only an alcove.John, Matt, Rob.
A2 Loubenegg (Switzerland)2/8/2013Two-night camp at Bivouac 2. Objectives were to tick off a number of potential leads. All were killed, including the promising waterfall pitch below the 'Traverse of Doom'. Dodgy bolting by me, to find that the water disappears into an impenetrable boulder ruckle. A number of potential leads beyond Bivouac 2 also proved fruitless.John
A2 Loubenegg (Switzerland)31/7/2013Matt and Rob were next in to camp and explore the Keller. John and I did another day trip to below Bivouac 1 trying to follow the streamway off the main route into the cave. Also re-fettled some of the pitches and traverses between Bivouac 1 & 2.John
A2 Loubenegg (Switzerland)30/7/2013Day trip to explore potential lead off the entrance pitches in Marligang. First bolting experience. Met Phil and Tom coming back out - brief panic when we thought Tom was lost. He had mistakenly went out via the flood bypass route.John, Matt, Rob
A2 Loubenegg (Switzerland)28/7/2013Rest of the expedition arrived previous day. Decided to do a bounce trip to Bivouac 2 to help carry camp gear in so that Phil and Tom could have a look at the end of the cave - the 'Keller'. Very tired coming out!MadPhil, Tom, John, Matt, Rob
A2 Loubenegg (Switzerland)27/7/2013Re-fettle entrance series pitches and drop-off of sleeping bags near Bivouac 1Tom, MadPhil
Daren Cilau19/7/2013Day trip to Acupuncture. Hit a wall coming back out as hadn't eaten, but managed to carry some more rubbish out from the Hard Rock Cafe. Met Gonzo et al. coming in through the entrance crawl. MadPhil
P816/6/2013Monster party to the sump to retrieve some air cylinders. Chris convinced Rich it was a dry horizontal cave, so needed to improvise an SRT for him.Rich, Chris, Oli, Alys, Ann S, Lucy G, plus 3 more
Nettle Pot15/6/2013BCA party weekend. Caved hungover to the bottom of Elizabeth Shaft. Jeff had a go at photography on the way out.Jeff W, Rich (SWCC)
Ogof Draenen8/6/2013Round trip with a look into Interesting Times. PDCMG meeting afterwards.Rich, MadPhil, Tom
Ogof Draenen26/5/2013Digging past the Gerbil Run in Hexamine Highways. Spent the session gardening, widening and deepening the dig into something more workable. The passage is trending NW to upstream of the Big Country choke, which is not ideal.Rich
Daren Cilau19/5/2013Route to the Restaurant was blocked by a severe roof collapse in Acupuncture, and so we retreated to the Hard Rock Café where Gonzo, Matt and Mandy were also camping over the weekend. Spent Saturday clearing the fallen debris and gardening sections past Western Union into safer, crawling-sized passage. Acupuncture is still very unstable though and will likely need several more trips to stabilise the roof and assess any more collapses further on. Caved out Sunday with abandoned rubbish left at the Hard Rock stores.MadPhil, Rich, Tom, Emma, Andy, Chris (RUCC)
Priddy Green Sink12/5/2013Pull-thru to Swildon's and continuation of the Short Round. Low water levels - Sump 1 was open.MadPhil, Tom, Emma
St. Cuthbert's Swallet11/5/2013Evening trip to lay down tiles for a PhD student's experiment looking at manganese deposits. Phil also wanted to check out the sump after the winter.MadPhil, Tom, Emma
Jingling Pot5/5/2013Rigged the Cleft Route to the base of the main shaft. John de-rigged. Not a fan of rigging off trees.John
Aquamole Pot5/5/2013John and I shared the rigging. The route down was mostly pre-rigged for diving operations at the bottom. Tom and Rob caught us up at the bottom pitch to de-rig.John
Hurnel Moss Pot4/5/2013Tom rigged the first pitch after which I did the second. Other group bounced Bar Pot and returned later.MadPhil, Tom
Gaping Gill4/5/2013Rigged Dihedral route and bounced straight out of Main Chamber. Amazing views. MilkyMatt, John and Rob did Rat Hole in tandem. Part of a training weekend for a Switzerland expedition later in the year.MadPhil, Tom
Ogof Draenen14/4/2013A root around the Hexamine Highways series. Found that the warnings of 'uncomfortably awkward' squeezes in the Gerbil Run were somewhat exaggerated. Fine raft formations in Gerbil Heaven. In Upbeat, out Hexamine Highway.Rich, Oli
Daren Cilau11/3/2013REU digging camp. Split into three teams; Phil and Tom re-surveying Dweebland, Henry D and John starting on Mary Mary, and Gary, Rob and me continuing at Starbar. First caving trip in a while and ended up suffering with cramp attacks on the way in. Cleared out some rubbish from the Hard Rock Café on the way out. MadPhil, John, Rob, Tom, Henry D, Gary
OFD 111/8/2012Through trip to Cwm Dwr via the Waterfall Series. Failed to find Crystal Pool Chamber without a survey. Wasn't feeling great so decided to exit out of Cwm Dwr instead of Top Entrance.Oli
OFD 321/7/2012First time over the traverses in 3 - fortunately not as bad as anticipated. Spent 20 minutes going upstream before turning back to avoid a callout. Oli lost the water fight.Rich, Oli, Chris
Eastwater Cavern14/7/2012Short upper round trip before Jo & Mark's wedding. Found out the actual route was different to what I thought. Moist entrance series with a waterfall entering the boulder choke.Rich, Oli, Chris
Llygad Llwchwr21/6/2012Didn't take a ladder for the third(?) river chamber. Bad memory meant we got more wet than necessary. Spent more time chatting than caving.Oli
Llygad Llwchwr 221/6/2012A poke see at this new cave... much discussion on cave conservation was had.Oli
Ogof Draenen16/6/2012Planned to go to Bolder Land, but got worried about water levels and the crawls sumping. Instead we went to see the water levels in the Main Streamway and visit Echo Inlet. Alex's first time caving.Rich, Colin, Alex B.
Ogof Draenen28/4/2012REU digging camp was cancelled due to flooding risk and illness. Instead we visited Big Country in search of a Manganese Inlet MadPhil had visited many years before. Didn't find it, but the area looks interesting and in need of another poke about.Rich, MadPhil, Rob
St. Cuthbert's Swallet15/4/2012Short jolly down to sump 1 as MadPhil wanted to check what kit of his was there. Took some photos on the way back out.Rich, MadPhil, Rich ?
Eastwater Cavern14/4/2012Photo trip down the Technical Masterpiece and sump 1. Ruth headed back out with Rich near Hellsgate, though he returned to meet us on the way out.Rich, Rufus, MadPhil, Martin
Daren Cilau31/3/2012Digging camp at the REU. John, Rob and I carried on at the digface at Starbar, while the 5 others returned to Painkiller North to continue the dig there. The duck-under at Starbar is now heading upwards significantly, though will likely intercept passage near Curly Wurly. Still pulling out compacted mud. Caved out in 3hr45m.MadPhil, Tom, John B., Rob, Martin, Dave (NUCC), Andy K.
Longwood Swallet25/3/2012Attempted to dig out spoil on a bend of the main streamway. Constructed a dam to stop water flowing to the dig-face, however the walls quickly closed in to a narrow crack. MadPhil, Rich, Tom, Matt, John B., Rob, Martin
Eastwater Cavern24/3/2012The round trip with the Fat Belly Boyes. Down Lolly Pot and up Morton's Pot. Carried out some old digging equipment from Sump 1.MadPhil, Rich, Tom, Matt, John B., Rob, Martin
Moel Fferna Mine18/3/2012Only needed one electron ladder to descend the ventilation shaft (fixed ladder halfway down). Dodgy rigging off a tree and rusty bar. Explored four levels, including down to the 'Bridge of Death'.Sam R., Toby, Dave G., Luke
Ogof Hen Ffynhonnau17/3/2012With the weather looking like it might rain we had tried to find Ogof Nadolig close-by, but in the end decided to risk the flood-prone 'Poacher's Cave'. Short, but surprisingly big stream passage at the end. Sam R., Toby, Dave G., Luke
Daren Cilau2/3/2012Digging camp at the REU. Chamber past Curly Wurly quickly filled with bad air, so left one group digging in the main passage while we went to Painkiller north. Photo session at the Blue Greenies on the way back. Colin's first camp.MadPhil, Colin, Tom, Matt, Andy K., John B., Rob, Rosie
Daren Cilau26/2/2012Aber day trip to the Time Machine. Toby managed to nearly kill himself on the ladder, but fortunately the belay held. 9.5 hour trip - long day seeing as we went in after midday. Back at Whitewalls we heard another group who had gone in before us had not surfaced from doing the through trip. Rescue initiated shortly afterwards.Toby, Sam D., Sam R., David G.
Agen Allwedd18/2/2012Kind of Figure-8 trip round the Outer and Inner Circles clockwise. Also brief detour to the Swiss Village. Heavy rain in the morning meant water levels were slightly higher on the way out. Rich, Chris
OFD 111/2/2012Through trip to Cwm Dwr. Chris navigated with only a few minor lapses around Boulder Chamber and Diver's Pitch. Out in under 4.5 hoursChris, Jono, Toby, Gareth, Luke
Ogof Draenen28/1/2012Round trip with a diversion into the Crystal Maze and 'Pontypool or Bust' to check out the digs. Also had a poke around Players Tunnel. Nolwenn's first caving trip.Rich, Colin, Nolwenn
Daren Cilau20/1/2012Digging camp at the REU. Full complement of Fat Belly Boys present thanks to the discovery of 'walking passage' leading off out of sight at last camp. Turned out to be somewhat of an anticlimax for all with just 4 metres found. A tight connection to another chamber was found, though the dig is still looking ominously long term. Took camera and flashes, so got some shots at the dig and at camp.
Caved in to camp with John sub 4 hours. Developed a fever over the weekend so felt pretty rough coming out. Exited with Rob out of Price's.
MadPhil, Rich, Gary J, Dickon, Tom, John B, Rob, Milky Matt, Andy K
OFD 1 15/1/2012Round trip, and my first time in 1 (leadership rules now abandoned).Hellie, Marc, Rich, Rufus, Chris
Dan-yr-Ogof14/1/2012As an introduction to Welsh caves for Marc we did the round trip. Rich carried 12 litres of water for Hirlatz training.Hellie, Marc, Rich, Rufus, Chris
Bwlch Glas Mine17/12/2011Miles and Lyndsey were in town so went for a quick visit.Sam D., Colin, Lyndsey, Miles
Swildon's Hole10/12/2011Down to Sump 1; no-one tempted to go it through it though. Oli, Rich, Chris
Ogof Draenen8/12/2011Oli's first caving trip since leaving for Syria 18 months ago. Went down The Canyon trying to reach TractortracksOli
Great Orme19/11/2011Abandoned our trip to Ogof Draenen after receiving a NWCRO callout to a rescue on the Great Orme, Llandudno. Chris, Sam R., David, Heather
Daren Cilau11/11/2011Weekend digging camp at the REU. Spent Friday evening and Saturday digging in Starbar. Mini chamber found and clean sandy deposits still continuing under a flake. Spoil stacking cut off air circulation at the face so digging time was cut short on Sat. Phil and I carried out some terra-forming of camp.MadPhil, Gary J., Dickon, Rich, Tom, John B, Rob
Eastwater Cavern6/11/2011Down Morton's Pot to the Technical Masterpiece in order to retrieve a pump.Rich, Chris
Rhino Rift5/11/2011Major collapse at the top of the third pitch, including one boulder of 4 tonnes. Steve and I rigged; helped Monika to de-rig. Steve, Monika
Ice Cube Mine27/10/2011MadPhil and John rigged while Martin and I visited the sumped moulin. Below the main shaft, the way on had closed up since the previous exped.Martin G., MadPhil, John B
Sumped moulin27/10/2011I rigged the short drop to reach the sump. Still looked open enough to dive despite the freezing conditions.Martin G., MadPhil, John B
Moulin 126/10/2011Ropes that were left in from the previous trip were frozen up. Martin re-rigged the shaft, but found the meandering passage too wet to push exploration. MadPhil and John surveyed on their way out, while I took photos.Martin G., MadPhil, John B
Moulin 124/10/2011MadPhil and Martin rigged the 30m main shaft. Canyoning passage continued down-glacier then hit deeper water. Up-glacier Martin and I fell through thin ice into a deep pool getting a good soaking.Martin G., MadPhil, John B
OFD 215/10/2011Freshers trip down to Maypole Inlet via the mini-columns.Luke, Roberto, David
Daren Cilau7/10/2011Weekend camp at the REU. More progress in Starbar with a few mini-breakthroughs. Still looking promising too, digging out soft stream deposits. Caved out with Rich in ~4hr40.MadPhil, Rich, Tom, Andy K, Dickon, Rob, John
Wemyss Mine1/10/2011Freshers trip. Went in two groups; minor navigational issues from the other group, but most people reached the Engine Shaft.Shereen, Sam R., Charlie, Seb, Heather, Dave, Elizabeth, Alberto, Roberto
Titan18/9/2011Exchange trip with group going in JH (Matthew, Colin, Chris). Sam rigged the main hangs and we both de-rigged JH on the way out. Late starting, and out by 9pm.Sam D., Lyndsey, Monika
James Hall Over Engine Mine17/9/2011Sam and I rigged in preparation for the exchange trip next day. Also went over the connection to the base of Titan.Sam D., Matthew, Lyndsey, Colin, Tom S. (TSG)
Ogof Rhyd Sych13/8/20114 hour trip to the terminal choke.Colin, Monika, Sam D.
Ogof Draenen5/8/2011Attempted to reach Passion Fruit Chamber, though scuppered by the tight duck in Y Gwter Fawr Streamway. Ended up taking photos around Galeria Garimpeiros and Cairn Junction.Colin
Ogof Draenen16/7/2011Visit to War of the Worlds (Adrenalin Failure) and the formations in Sendero Luminoso.Rich, Rufus, Colin, Jasen
Wemyss Mine9/7/2011Data collection trip for Mark's water pollution dissertation. Led by Roy Fellows to Engine shaft. Also swam over some flooded shafts to reach the end. Cave pants got torn!Roy Fellows, Mark, Colin, Jasen
Cwm Dwr Quarry Cave3/7/2011Through trip to OFD II. Some navigational faff around The Smithy, but otherwise made good time.Rich, Rufus, Chris, Colin, Sam D., Mark, Jasen, Monika
Pwll Dwfn2/7/2011Reached the sump. Colin and Sam's first time rigging.Colin, Sam D.
James Hall Over Engine Mine26/6/2011De-rigging after yesterdays trip. Brief explore of the connection to Colostomy Crawl and Peak Cavern.Peter Dennis, Chris, Gareth Davies
Titan25/6/2011Through trip to JH. Explored some sections of Speedwell including Main Rising and Cliff Cavern. Chris had to prussik out Titan as couldn't fit through the boulder choke squeeze.Peter Dennis, Chris, Neil, Gareth Davies
Daren Cilau12/6/2011Through trip to Ogof Cnwc. Rich too hungover to join us. First group to use the new metal ladders in Antler Passage.Colin, Mark
Daren Cilau13/5/2011Weekend camp at the REU. Spent Saturday digging at Starbar removing boulders from a collapse.Madphil, Rich, Tom, Andy K, Rob
Bwlch Glas Mine17/4/2011Teaching Monika how to rig and belay. Found an old shoe.Megan, Monika
Eastwater Cavern27/3/2011Quick trip round the Upper Series to Rift ChambersMegan, Brigid, James, Colin
St. Cuthbert's Swallet26/3/2011Digging trip to Sump 2. Mixed cement to cap a load of spoil already taken out from the sump.Madphil, Rich, James, Colin
OFD 220/3/2011SMWCRT rescue practice. Found and carried casualty from Arete Chamber.James, Sam R., KJ, Gareth, Toby, Jasen, Monika + other SMWCRT team members.
Llanelly Quarry Pot13/3/2011Removed some spoil that was blocking the entrance (tin roof had collapsed). Reached Ryan's Duck upstream, seeing many of the pretties. Went downstream until the rift started getting squalid. Met the other group at the pitch on the way out.Luke, James, Brigid, Monika (also Chris, Jono, Toby, Sam R.)
Porth-yr-Ogof6/3/2011Late start, so simple trip exploring the different entrances. Quick look at the resurgence after, with Jono and Mark taking a dip in the river as well.Jono, Mark, Huw
Bridge Cave5/3/2011Quick trip looking for the missing three (see below).Luke
Pant Mawr Pot5/3/2011Jono rigged...reached terminal sump. On the walk back, Jono, Gareth and Toby separated and took a 6hr detour via Coelbren.Jono, Gareth, Toby, Luke, Shareen, Jasen
Ogof Draenen27/2/2011Round trip, clockwise.Rich, Rufus, Brigid, James, Luke, Sam R.
Bwlch Glas Mine26/2/2011Visted the lifts and the passages beyond. Short trip, some photos taken.Jono, Luke, Sam R., Gareth
Daren Cilau18/2/2011Weekend trip to the REU. Spent Saturday digging at Starbar. Skipped plenty of sand and made about 5 m progress, with ongoing passage looking promising. Caved out Sunday after a late start - 46 hours underground.Madphil, Rich, Tom C
Ogof Draenen8/1/2011Digging in Rifleman's Chamber. Hauled some spoil, but progress limited by some boulders that need banging. Consequently a relatively short trip.Rich, Andy H, Jules, Rhys, Martin H, John R
Agen Allwedd11/12/2010Grand Circle - anticlockwise direction. Joined by Stephen who was staying at Whitewalls. Apart from briefly losing the connection between High Traverse Passage and Southern Stream Passage, navigation was good. Completed in 8hr20.Rich, Sam R, Sam Doyle, Stephen Newton
Ogof Draenen20/11/2010Digging in Grotto Passage. Stayed at Whitewalls night before so could get in the cave by 8am. Shifted spoil from midway in to the entrance crawl. A constriction at the dig face means we're now digging downslope to get underneath. Looks tight ahead. Yellow Van boulder choke still ongoing.Colin, Chris, Mark...joined at dig by Fleur, Rich Bayfield and 2xSUCC
St. Cuthbert's Swallet7/11/2010Digging trip at Sump 2. Carried in cement to help build a spoil trap. High water levels though meant that digging in the sump couldn't go ahead. Also built a dam further upstream.MadPhil, Rich
Swildon's Hole6/11/2010Short Round trip. No bailing required so completed in around 3 hours, despite queues at the 20.Megan, Colin, James
OFD 224/10/2010Fresher trip round Top entrance. Found route to the Mini-Columns...also visited Swamp Creek and the 'Bold Step'.Megan, Julia, Ami, Rhiannon
Ogof Pasg23/10/2010Two groups went in to do an exchange with Ogof Foel Fawr. I Stayed at the ladder pitch to teach Megan and Luke how to lifeline. Megan, James, Sam J, Sam R, Huw, Luke, Brigid, Stevie, Jasen
OFD 217/10/2010Took freshers down to the Great Oxbow in the main streamway. Helped Mark with navigation.Mark, Sam R, Gareth, Jason, Michael
Ogof Draenen16/10/2010Digging trip in Grotto Passage. Moved spoil from end of dig to a pit halfway back. More capping looking likely. Carried scaffold bars in for the team at Yellow Van too. Rich had to turn back at the Nunnery due to a bad knee.Rich, Fleur, Pete, Chris D, Emma (Red Rose)
Ogof Craig-y-Ffynnon10/10/2010Freshers trip to Hall of the Mountain King. 18 people overall split between 3 groups.Megan, Luke, Jonny, James, Georgia, Sam
Ogof Draenen11/9/2010Oli's last caving trip before leaving for Syria. Visited Luck of the Draw and Geryon's Lair - 12hr trip.Rich, Oli
Priddy Green Sink5/9/2010Through trip to Swildon's. Rich turned back near the entrance. Exited via Mud Sump. Extensive mould patches between Shatter and Blue Pencil.Rich, Oli, Chris
Ogof Draenen21/7/2010Gate was stolen on weekend before. Planned trip to Luck of the Draw aborted due to an injury in Rich's arm. Wandered round Megadrive north, Arms Park, and did a Canyon round trip. Rich
Pwll Dwfn20/7/2010High water levels, though stayed reasonably dry. Reached bottom of fourth pitch.Rich
Rowten Pot17/7/2010BEC meet. Rigged entrance pitch, but due to a general bad feeling amongst the group and high water levels, we didn't carry on.Rich, Rufus, Oli
Rhino Rift10/7/2010All reached the dig at the bottom. Rich rigged first pitch, I did the next two.Rich, Rufus
Ogof Craig-y-Ffynnon27/6/2010Photo trip to Hall of the Mountain King. Explored a dig in a side passage off the main chamber.Megan, Oli, Chris
Afton Red Rift20/6/2010Round trip.Oli, Beth
Pridhamsleigh Cavern19/6/2010To the lake and round trip to Mystery Pool.Oli, Huw, Louise, Beth
Dogleg Cave19/6/2010Visit into the dog-leg extensions.Oli, Huw, Louise, Beth, Sian?
Little Neath River Cave12/6/2010Photo trip to sump 2 via Canal. Canal by-pass on return. Water really low.Megan
Lancaster Hole31/5/2010Photo trip to Colonnade Chamber and the main streamway. Met other group rigging from Cow Pot. Took Oli and Megan out Lancaster.Rich, Milkybar, Rufus, Megan, Oli, Chris,
Alum Pot (in Dolly Tubs)30/5/2010To the sump via Dolly Tubs and shortest pitch at the Bridge.Rich, Oli
Gaping Gill (Corky's Pot to Marilyn)29/5/2010BPC Winch Meet. Met Oli and Chris in Main Chamber. Rich turned back at Mud Hall pitch. Out through New Hensler's and Marilyn with Milky and Jim due to queues at the pitches.Megan, Rich, Hellie, Steve, Llyn, Milkybar, Alex, Oli, Chris
Ogof Cnwc (Price's Dig)22/5/2010SMWCRT rescue practice. Stretcher haul from Busman's Holiday.Rich, Rufus, Oli, Hellie and SMWCRT team
Rhino Rift16/5/2010Rigged. Sam and I visited 4th pitch. Also de-rigged, having to cut 2 slings and leave a krab.Rich, Rufus, Sam
Eastwater Cavern15/5/2010Attempted to reach the West End Series via Twin Verticals. Reached 13 Pots and Terminal Rift. Rich and I visited MortonÕs Pot on way out.Rich, Rufus, Sam
Wriskin Mine24/4/2010NWCRO practice. Stretcher haul at level 1 then practiced with stretcher and heyphoneNWCRO team
Pollaber10/4/2010Reached terminal choke - crab near endRich
Coolagh River Cave9/4/2010In Polldonough North. Attempted through trip to Polldonough but got lost around Balcombe's Pot. Exited via Gour Passage to Polldonough South.Rich, Megan, Milkybar, Oli, Chris
Faunarooska8/4/2010To dry pitch past roof traverses.Megan, Rufus, Barry, Jo M, Jo H, Josh
Doolin Cave7/4/2010St. Catherines to Fisherstreet Pot through trip. Pint of Guiness afterwards at McGanns pub.Megan, Oli, Chris, Milkybar, Rich, Hellie, Jono, Luke, Toby, Rufus, Carly, Jo H, Jo M, Barry
Pollnagree6/4/2010To sump 1. Rich tried the sump bypass. Cave access actually closed.Rich, Oli
Pollnagollum4/4/2010Turned back in streamway due to threat of rain. Others exited at Pollelva.Rich, Rufus, Megan, Oli, Chris, Milkybar
Doolin Cave3/4/2010St. Catherines to Arran View through trip. Met others exiting Arran View.Megan, Milkybar, Chris
Bull Pot27/3/2010Rigged, including high angle deviation on 4th pitch. Chris joined while de-riggingMegan, Oli, Huw, Chris
OFD 220/3/2010WBCRT practice. Original plan in the OFD 1 streamway aborted due to heavy rain. Instead carried stretcher to President's Leap where a traverse line was rigged.Rich, Rufus, Oli, Chris, Frances, Tim, Huw, Carly, Xian, Tilda and WBCRT team
Cwm Dwr Quarry Cave14/3/2010To Cwm Dwr Streamway - RUCC reunion weekendPatrick, Radio Rich + 2 RUCC freshers
Dan-Yr-Ogof13/3/2010Round trip via Flabergasm Oxbow - RUCC reunion weekendBarry, Jo M, Henry D, Chris S, Marina, Patrick, Radio Rich + 2 leaders
Ogof Draenen27/2/2010Digging in Grotto Passage. Cleared some sand away from the collapsed boulder at the end using sand bags.Rich, Oli
Swildon's Hole21/2/2010To Shatter Series. Showed Fran how to rig a ladder and belay.Frances
Eastwater Cavern20/2/2010To 2nd Rift Chamber. Found Baker's Chimney and the CheesepressFrances, Julia, Huw
Pant Mawr Pot14/2/2009Bimble past the third choke. Met SouthamptonOli, Toby, Luke, Huw, Julia
Tunnel Cave13/2/2009Freshers SRT trip. Reached T-junctionChris, Oli, Julia, Mark, Becca, Frances
Ogof Draenen16/1/2010Aborted trip to Grotto Passage dig. Too wet, especially with snow melting overground.Rich, Oli, Mark
Daren Cilau18/12/2009Rescue for Oli, Carly, Megan & Luke attempting through trip. In 1000, found group in Prices Dig @ 1200. Returned out through entrance crawl.Rich, Chris
Daren Cilau11/12/20092 night camp at HRC. In 10pm 11/12. At camp 2.30am. Saturday - trip to REU and Icing on the Cake. Left HRC 11am 13/12, out 5pm.Rich, Oli, Chris, Jo H, Dan (Eldon)
Cow Pot6/12/2009Entered Easegill streamway but water too high.Nathan, Milkybar, Oli
Marble Steps5/12/2009First two pitches and reached top of Stink Pot. Rigged first.Nathan, Milkybar, Oli
Ogof Draenen14/11/2009Digging - extended phreatic tube by another 10m into wider section, and found draughting side passage to the left going back on itself. Straight on chokes out.Rich, Oli, Pete, Fleur, Lou, Tim, Imogen, Edwin (CUCC), Tom (SUSS)
Swildon's Hole8/11/2009Short round. Mud sump and first duck empty. Collapse near entrance.Oli, Megan, Chris, Frances
Hunters Lodge Inn Sink7/11/2009Bad air around Long DropOli, Megan, Frances, Huw
Daren Cilau1/11/2009Reached box 6 before turning back with Huw. Others reached White CompanyChris, Megan, Huw
Ogof Draenen31/10/2009Digging trip near Rock & Roll Choke & Grotto Passage. ~10m new draughting passageRich, Oli, Pete, Trevor, Tom (SUSS)
Swildon's Hole18/10/2009To sump 2Megan, Josh, Frances, Luke
GB17/10/2009Round trip with visit to Ladder DigMegan, Luke, Carly
Ogof Pasg/Foel Fawr11/10/2009Exchange trip with other partyMegan, Oli, Luke
Cwm Dwr Quarry Cave10/10/2009Reached other side of boulder choke before heading backFrances, Alison, Megan, Julia, Stephen
OFD 23/10/2009Freshers trip to Judge & Trident, Swamp Creek and the Bold StepCarly, Frances, Zach, Megan, Becca, Matthew
OFD 26/9/2009Went to Maypole Inlet to revisit the Love Bivouac
Agen Allwedd5/9/2009Reached 2nd boulder chocke before turning back.
Yordas1/9/2009Glenda rigged top entrance but too wet. Went down middle entrance and Nathan rigged the traverse. I derigged.
Tatham's Wife Hole31/8/2009Rigged. Reached bottom of third pitch, but too wet & miserable to continue.
Bull Pot30/8/2009Missed off final pitch. Rescued toad from entrance. Carly rigged top
Wade's Entrance29/8/2009GG winch meet with Craven. Route pre-rigged and main chamber lit up.
Agen Allwedd23/8/2009To NW Junction and back
Ogof Draenen22/8/2009To the pitch in Indiana Highway. Went via Wonderbra bypass maybe
Pant Mawr Pot9/8/2009Rigged and reached sump. Pretty after 2nd boulder choke.
Tunnel Cave8/8/2009Rigged, and reached Courtyard Chamber and the gate.
Great Masson Mine2/8/2009Steve led, some relics left. Fairly stable mine.
Peak Cavern1/8/2009Steve led; through Cadbury Way, then to Moss Chamber.
Otter Hole19/7/2009Up at 6am! Reached sump ~9am, back by 2pm.
Miss Graces Lane18/7/2009Really warm - caved in just furry. Found large quartzite crystals.
Hunter's Hole12/7/2009Reached pitch with handline. Oli derigged.
Bridge Cave11/7/2009WBCRT Rescue practice. Carried stretcher from sump to entrance.
Peak Cavern5/7/2009Tagged along with EUCC, visited numerous sumps, Cadbury Way and the streamway.
P84/7/2009First ladder pitch, and upper traverse.
Giant's Hole4/7/2009Round trip. £3 entry!
Cwm Dwr Quarry Cave6/6/2009Through trip to OFD 2. Cave rescue after unexpected flood pulse at Maypole Inlet!

Report by Rich
Aghinrawn Cave14/4/2009Carried diving kit for Chris J and Dave G to dive sumps 1 & 2.
Marble Arch Cave13/4/2009Guided by Damian - through show cave. Dam water rose by 4ft on way out!
Pollnatagha12/4/2009Rigged, and explored the main chamber. Impressive waterfall
Prod's Pot11/4/2009Explored streamway downstream to sump - v.pretty near end
Aghinrawn Cave10/4/2009Chris J bolted waterfall climb, missed way on to sump
OFD 229/3/2009Exploring round Swamp Creek and The Crossroads. Scurion back in action!
Daren Cilau14/3/2009Overnight trip to Hard Rock Café
Calf Holes8/3/2009Corkscrew was blocked so entered through both entrances
Simpson's Hole7/3/2009Went down Blind Pot by accident - needed to haul Tim up; called cave rescue
Ogof Draenen1/3/2009To end of Gilwern's passage and through boulder chokeÉloads of straws
OFD 222/2/2009Led 9 Expeds to Main Stream Passage. Rescue callout for Jason's late group
OFD 221/2/2009Showed Alison & Jason route to Top Waterfall. Prep for exped trip
Swildon's Hole15/2/2009Short Round Trip with Jason and Carly. Spent 1hr bailing Mud Sump. 4hr trip. May have killed the Scurion doing it though
Manor Farm Swallet14/2/2009SRTed entrance pitch, laddered rift, freeclimbed waterfall. Found slurry before Ham's Corner. £2 entry each!
Bwlch Glas Mine8/2/2009Rigged 2nd shaft. Oli, Carly and I reached the bottom. Need ~40m rope
Pwll y Coeden Gnau1/2/2009Good 12m free climb. Sharp and crawly cave though.
Ogof Ryhd Sych31/1/2009High duck at entrance when wet. Very pretty at end.
Town Drain25/1/2009Reached just before where stream enters from left when heard loud rumbling!
Bridge Cave25/1/2009Farmer's wife warned of recent movement in boulder choke.
Ogof Pwll Swnd17/1/2009Explored 'Old Series'. Reached Five Ways Chamber.
Calf Holes4/1/2009Did through trip with Peter Dennis
Bar Pot3/1/2009Attempted exchange in Gaping Gill Chamber with group going down Stream Passage Pot. Other group failed to find way down. Visited Mud Hall.
Yordas2/1/2009Pull throughÉjoined by Carly
Dolly Tubs1/1/2009Easy in-and-out
Swinsto's pull thru31/12/2008Rope pre-rigged on final ladder pitch - can SRT it. -8C afterwards!
Sell Gill30/12/2008Rigged dry route. Didn't manage the exchange with the wet route group
Llygad Llwchwr6/12/2009Did ladder pitch in Third River Chamber. Missed The Maze
Bwlch Glas Mine29/11/2008Did ladder pitch, but forgot SRT kits for main pitch
P822/11/2008CHECC. Did both ladder pitches and reached the sump.
Rose Cottage Dig16/11/2008Reached chamber past tight vertical squeeze. Couldn't find way on.
Eastwater Cavern15/11/2008Rat Fest (In memory of Tony Jarratt). Could not find Baker's Chimney. Reached 2nd Rift Chamber (I think!)
Ogof Pasg - Ogof Foel Fawr25/10/2008Entered Ogof Pasg first and visited dig. As ladder too short to complete round trip, did Ogof Foel Fawr to bottom of pitch.
Swildon's Hole19/10/2008Freshers' trip to first sump 1. Few went through to sump 2.
GB18/10/2008Freshers' trip
Various trips back to 2003 with Reading University Caving Club....