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A2 Loubenegg

With Daren Cilau collapsed, it was looking like it would be a quiet few months digging-wise. We did, however, have the Fat Belly Boys’ summer retreat to Switzerland to look forward to! Last winter, Phil and Matt went out to join the H√∂hlenforschungsgemeinschaft Region Hohgant (HRH) caving club for a recc√© of the cave ‘A2 […]

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Collapse in Acupuncture

On our way in to the Restaurant (Daren Cilau) last weekend we found to our surprise that a major collapse had occurred in Acupuncture passage since our last camp. On closer inspection it was obvious that a slab of roof had peeled off the ceiling, breaking into plenty of large blocks. There was no choice […]

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Mary Mary reopened

With bad weather curtailing the January trip, last weekend was the first REU camp of 2013. Seven of the Fat Belly Boys made it in, including a first-time visit for Henry D. The lack of good air at the main Starbar dig left us splitting digging efforts across several projects: MadPhil and Tom set of […]

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Mendip misery

A trip down the Technical Masterpiece in Eastwater Cavern is probably some of the gnarliest caving you can do on Mendip, and certainly not a place you would hope to get rescued from. It’s less than 300 metres long, however the tight passage is a real test of caving technique and any mistakes will quickly […]

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Moel Fferna and the Bridge of Death

On a weekend away in North Wales with the ACC last weekend, we decided to visit the Moel Fferna Slate Quarry. Much of the working here was done entirely underground, operating on seven levels. When the mine closed all adits were sealed, leaving only a ventilation shaft for access. This we laddered, bringing us out […]

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The Blue Greenies

All the large caves in Wales are renowned for a particular formation, usually hidden away in the far reaches of the system. In Draenen there’s The Geryon, Aggy’s is the Courtesan, and in Daren Cilau there are the Blue Greenies. The journey to see these uniquely colourful speleothems however is somewhat tortuous, navigating through passages […]

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Why go caving?

As I was driving down to south Wales to spend another weekend ‘digging’ in Daren Cilau, I suddenly had an objective realisation: I’m going to spend a large chunk of my free time moving some sand from one place to another in a hole that perhaps very few people will ever want to see – […]

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Gold Mine Dream Jump

Meanwhile, in Poland…

Translation of text:

1000 metres of rope
120 metres underground
78 metres high
4 seconds freefall

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Glacial karst: Descent into the Gornergletscher

The Gornergletscher is the second largest glacier system in the Alps, found on the western side of the Monte Rosa Massif flowing down towards the town of Zermatt. The glacier was the centre of interest for the Italian La Venta team during the 80’s and 90’s, during which time they found, explored and described a […]

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Galeria Garimpeiros

Inspired by the promise of ‘pretties’ on the survey, Colin and I planned to reach Passion Fruit Chamber in Ogof Draenen and take some photos. Unfortunately for us the ‘muddy and intimidating duck‘ in Y Gwter Fawr Streamway became too tight for us to pass so had to turn back. The mud could be easily […]

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