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Feel free to use/modify any of the scripts below, as long as you acknowledge them in your work. The scripting has been self-taught, so no doubt there may be more efficient ways of doing the same tasks. The majority of the scripts bulk manipulate grid (text) files, or utilise the Arc Toolboxes for batch processing.


surfer_maths.py Utilises Surfer’s ‘GridMath’, instead of using Visual Basic Scripter. Can also use boolean expressions to calculate values. Requires win32com.client.
surfer2GE.py Modifies then converts multiple Surfer grid files to image files suitable for import into Google Earth. Requires ImageMagick and GDAL.
float2GE.py Modifies then converts multiple ARC float grid files to image files suitable for import into Google Earth. Requires ImageMagick and GDAL.
kml(Brit).py Creates .kml files for viewing geo-rectified images in Google Earth.
CombineCSV.py Copy string values from multiple .csv files to a new excel sheet. Requires XLWT.
AminusR.py Subtract two grids in different files, and output as xyz data. Also converts projection. Requires numpy and GMT
NGRIP.py Simple script that manipulates 2 columns of numerical data, performing mathematical functions on alternate rows.
copypaste.py Copy and paste files based on what filenames starts/ends with.
dat2csv.py Performs calculations in .dat files, and saves as .csv file.
rasterdomain.py Creates a polyline outline (.shp) of multiple raster images, and merges them into one file. Requires ArcMap and 3D Analyst toolbox
rasterdomain(part2).py Select and delete multiple point features based on their location relative to other polygon shapefiles. Requires ArcMap.

Visual Basic

CombineWorkbooks.bas Merges multiple .xls files into one, with each worksheet named after the original filename.
graphall.bas Creates scatter graphs with multiple series on multiple sheets
scatter.bas Creates a scatter graph from a predefined cell range and min/max axes length