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Henry Patton

The Old Chapel, Swimbridge,
Barnstaple, Devon,
EX32 0PX,
United Kingdom.
Phone: +44(0) 7855 567890
Email: henrypatton{at}gmail.com
Homepage: http://henrypatton.org


2008-2012 Ph.D in Glaciology, Aberystwyth University
SUPERVISORS: Dr A. Hubbard, Prof N.F. Glasser, Dr T. Bradwell and Dr N.R. Golledge
TITLE: Modelling the dynamic evolution and sensitivities of two palaeo-ice masses: the Welsh Ice Cap and the Icelandic Ice Sheet.
PROJECT OVERVIEW: Geological data and numerical modelling were utilised in combination to further understand the dynamic evolution and sensitivity of two contrasting ice sheets during the last glaciation – the Welsh Ice Cap and the Icelandic Ice Sheet. The high resolution simulations of the independent Welsh Ice Cap are a first within the scientific c literature, providing important insights into flow partitioning, glacial modi cation of the landscape, style of retreat, and response of the ice mass to internal and external drivers. New reconstructions of the Icelandic Ice Sheet re-examined its maximum extent based on geomorphological mapping of single beam echosounder data, as well as its rapid deglaciation. The effects of isostatic loading and associated decreases in geothermal activity on the dynamic behaviour of the ice sheet were also analysed.
2006-2008 M.Sc (with Distinction) Glaciology, Aberystwyth University
THESIS TITLE: Glacial sedimentation on the eastern margin of the Irish Sea basin: Tonfanau, mid Wales.
PROJECT OVERVIEW: The dissertation revolved around the comprehensive description and interpretation of Late Devensian deposits exposed in a 2 km section at Tonfanau, mid-west Wales. The stratigraphic successions were considered within the context of locally mapped glacigenic landforms and numerically modelled output in order to provide a reconstruction of regional ice dynamics.
AWARDS: Departmental Prize for `Best Performance during Part 1′.
2003-2006 B.Sc (Upper Second Class) Physical Geography, University of Reading/University Centre in Svalbard
2001-2003 ‘A’ levels Geography (A); Physics (B); History (B), West Buckland School


Whilst undertaking my Ph.D I have been involved with the supervision and teaching of a number of undergraduate modules, as well as advising on a several dissertation theses.

09/2009-07/2011 Academic Tutor for twelve first-year undergraduate students. Duties involved planning seminars, as well as setting and marking assignments covering a broad range of geographical themes (Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, Aberystwyth University).
09/2008-07/2011 Teaching assistant for undergraduate modules including `Analysis And Presentation Of Geographical Data’, `Rocks and Minerals’ and geological and glaciological field trips (Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, Aberystwyth University).


I am skilled in the following research techniques:

  • Extensive GIS skills, including using ArcGIS 9.x and Surfer for projects involving the geomorphological mapping of remotely sensed data, data analyses of gridded datasets, and the production of figures detailing ice sheet dynamics.
  • The management of data-intensive projects and application of scripting techniques for optimal efficiency of large-scale analyses. I am quick to assimilate new software and technology, and feel comfortable with the following: Python, Visual Basic, GDAL, and KML.
  • Deriving input boundary condition data, and the subsequent operation of higher order, thermomechanical ice-sheet models.
  • Technical writing, with experience of writing scientific papers, presentations, posters, and research proposals. My Ph.D thesis and some paper manuscripts have been typeset using LaTeX.
  • Communicating scientific research to both specialist audiences as well as with the general public. I have developed a number of websites, most recently in association with the airing of the BBC’s Frozen Planet where I built webpages detailing the multi-disciplinary research carried out by Aberystwyth University on the Greenland Ice Sheet: www.aber.ac.uk/greenland. Relevant skills I hold include a practical knowledge of: HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL, Photoshop, Illustrator and Final Cut Pro.
  •  An open and friendly teamworker, with a keenness to learn and implement new skills as required.


  • Patton, H., Hubbard, A., Glasser, N.F., Bradwell, T., Golledge, N.R. The last Welsh Ice Cap: Part 2 Dynamics of a topographically controlled ice cap. Boreas. In Press.
  • Patton, H., Hubbard, A., Glasser, N.F., Bradwell, T., Golledge, N.R. The last Welsh Ice Cap: Part 1 Modelling its evolution, sensitivity and associated climate. Boreas. In Press.
  • Kuchar, J., Milne, G., Hubbard, A., Patton, H., Bradley, S., Shennan, I., Edwards, R. 2012. Evaluation of a numerical model of the British-Irish Ice Sheet using relative sea-level data: implications for the interpretation of trimline observations. Journal of Quaternary Science 27(6), 597-605.
  • Patton, H. and Hambrey, M. 2009. Ice-marginal sedimentation associated with the Late Devensian Welsh Ice Cap and the Irish Sea Ice Stream: Tonfanau, West Wales. Proceedings of the Geologists Association 120(4), 256-274.
  • Hubbard A., Bradwell, T., Golledge, N., Hall, A., Patton, H., Sugden, D., Cooper, R., Stoker, M. 2009. Dynamic cycles, ice streams and their impact on the extent, chronology and deglaciation of the British-Irish ice sheet. Quaternary Science Reviews 28, 758-776.


  • INQUA, Bern, Switzerland (26 July 2011). Presentation: Modelling the dynamic instabilities of the British-Irish Ice Sheet: The Welsh Ice Cap.
  • Departmental seminar series, Aberystwyth University (18 May 2011). Presentation: Modelling the dynamics of palaeo ice-sheets.
  • Glacial Landsystems Working Group (October 2008, 2009 and 2010).
  • IGS British Branch, Aberystwyth (16 September 2010). Presentation: High-resolution modelling of the Late Devensian Welsh Ice Cap.
  • RGS-IBG Postgraduate Conference, Aberystwyth (6 March 2010). Presentation: Glaciology of the Late-Devensian Welsh Ice Cap.
  • BUFI Science Festival, BGS Keyworth (12 November 2009). Poster: Understanding the dynamic instablities of marine-terminating ice-sheets.
  • QRA 8th International Postgraduate Symposium, University of Manchester (26 August 2009). Presentation: The marine sectors of palaeo ice-sheets.


I am a keen caver, taking part in original underground exploration both in the UK and abroad. Since 2003 I have been heavily involved with the university caving clubs at Reading and Aberystwyth, leading trips and teaching skills to new members. Whilst in Wales I was also a member of the North Wales and South Wales cave rescue teams (NWCRO & SMWCRT). In my spare time I also enjoy photography, hiking, and working on improving my website development skills.


Please email me at henrypatton{at}gmail.com for contact details of referees.

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