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North Africa: 4. Morocco

After the huge overland traverse from Benghazi to Tunis, we arrived in Casablanca pretty shattered. A few days sitting on a beach would have been fantastic, but with only a few weeks left before heading home I wanted to see as much of Morocco as possible.

From Casablanca we planned a short circuit of the major cities and sights, which also importantly included a brief visit into the Anti Atlas mountains. It felt strange to be back in a country so geared up towards tourism again, and Morocco’s relative wealth was obvious to see. For example, a new metro system had just been opened in Casablanca making cross-city travel incredibly luxurious (& cheap). Trains and coaches had had obvious investment, and for the main all seemed to run efficiently. Haggling with louage drivers was not something I missed.

After three months the trip finally reached its end, and I had to return home to the UK to prepare for my viva. Looking back it seems amazing how far we travelled and got to see in such a short time, and was of course great fun to do it with some good friends. One day it will be interesting to revisit some of the countries we travelled through, just to see the progress and changes that people have been recently battling for.