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New start in Sheffield

Since submitting my PhD last September I have been unemployed, although still managing to keep very busy! After some travelling, a PhD defence, and time utilising a grant to study Welsh/British ice sheet dynamics, I recently applied for a research post at Sheffield University exploring glacial ‘overdeepenings’ underneath Antarctica and Greenland.

I was fortunate enough to land the position, and for the next 6 months will be leading the collection and analysis of geophysical, geomorphological and glaciological datasets as part of the project “Controls on the location and evolution of subglacial overdeepening by ice sheets”. The project promises to be hugely insightful, as the reasons how and why glaciers preferentially erode basins this way is still a relatively large unknown. Their role in ice-sheet stability is also seen as a crucial factor for determining future ice-sheet retreat patterns under a warming climate.

BEDMAP2: The subglacial dataset that will be used to map and analyse Antarctic glacial overdeepenings. Credit: NASA.