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Mary Mary reopened

With bad weather curtailing the January trip, last weekend was the first REU camp of 2013. Seven of the Fat Belly Boys made it in, including a first-time visit for Henry D.

The lack of good air at the main Starbar dig left us splitting digging efforts across several projects: MadPhil and Tom set of to survey Dweebland; John and Henry D started efforts on ‘Mary Mary’; and Rob, Gary and myself continued at the Starbar dig face.

The prospects in Downdweeb look promising, though the survey data needs to be checked over for the best leads. Mary Mary looks good too, with MadPhil and Tom pulling out some large boulders Saturday evening with only half a spade. Being close to camp, as well as easily accessible stacking space, it should prove to be a good Sunday dig site before heading out the cave. No significant change at Starbar – we’re still clearing out a mud-filled tube that seems to be becoming more and more restricted.

The rubbish pile at the Restaurant has been largely decimated, so attention is now being focussed on helping Gonzo and the team tidy up the Hard Rock Café. Several of the Fat Belly Boys started making a dent on this by taking a number of rubbish bags out with them, though there is still plenty left to go.