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Collapse in Acupuncture

On our way in to the Restaurant (Daren Cilau) last weekend we found to our surprise that a major collapse had occurred in Acupuncture passage since our last camp. On closer inspection it was obvious that a slab of roof had peeled off the ceiling, breaking into plenty of large blocks. There was no choice but to turn around and retreat to the Hard Rock Café for the night.

The collapse in Acupuncture

Fortunately for us, Gonzo, Matt and Mandy had come in to the HRC the same evening and so were able to sort us out with clothes and somewhere to sleep. With a team of 7 Fat Belly Boys, Saturday was spent clearing the immediate debris from the collapse area, as well as deepening and gardening the rest of Acupuncture passage into a more safer hands & knees-sized passage. The entire roof section in this area looks pretty dodgy – the limestone beds in the ceiling are thin, and have obviously fallen numerous times before, so we wanted to make sure any contact is avoided.

We left Acupuncture looking better than when we arrived, but a large crack as well as a loosely supported pillar means that the collapse-area is still dangerously unstable. As of yet, we haven’t determined if the way on to the Micron is even clear. That evening the HRC diggers treated us to a varied selection of cocktails, the liquorice liqueur perhaps the most controversial.

With no digs to reach on the Sunday, we headed out relatively early, taking with us bags of rubbish and decayed kit from the HRC stores.

**For updates on the state of the collapse area, check the Daren website, and/or ukcaving.