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A2 Loubenegg

With Daren Cilau collapsed, it was looking like it would be a quiet few months digging-wise. We did, however, have the Fat Belly Boys’ summer retreat to Switzerland to look forward to!

Last winter, Phil and Matt went out to join the Höhlenforschungsgemeinschaft Region Hohgant (HRH) caving club for a reccé of the cave ‘A2 Loubenegg’, near the Siebenhengste cave system, and came back proposing a return trip in the summer to push the end. Six of us signed up for a two-week expedition…

The cave turned out to be disappointing in terms of finding new passage. It became obvious that the Swiss had made a thorough job of pushing every potential lead before us, leaving little for us to expand upon; Tom and Phil’s final camp and proposed bolt climb turned out to be blind, which I think they took with remarkably good humour.

For me though it was a good learning experience, even if we didn’t find anything. Time now to focus on digging projects closer to home…