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Mendip misery

A trip down the Technical Masterpiece in Eastwater Cavern is probably some of the gnarliest caving you can do on Mendip, and certainly not a place you would hope to get rescued from. It’s less than 300 metres long, however the tight passage is a real test of caving technique and any mistakes will quickly tire you out. Once you have contorted and squeezed your body through the rift and reached the bottom, there’s not much reward – a sump, a small chamber and plenty of mud…although MadPhil has now dug a connection with the rest of the cave to make a fine round trip.


On the scale of misery, St. Cuthbert’s Swallet is certainly quite low. Lying in a duck posing for photos however isn’t, so credit to the models for their patience in letting me take numerous shots when a cup of tea on the surface would seem much more appealing.