t l R r


Last week, Colin and I headed down to London on the National Express – our destination the Royal Geographical Society. We had an interview with the Mount Everest Foundation screening committee who wanted to hear more about our planned expedition to Kamchatka. In return we hoped they would decide our project was worthwhile enough to give us some money. All in all the interview seemed to go well, with Colin excellently extolling the virtues of studying Russian glaciers.

To congratulate a job well-done, we took to the pub (first via a trip into Stanfords) for some celebratory ales. We were recommended ‘The Jerusalem Tavern’ and ‘Ye Olde Mitre Tavern’ – both fine drinking holes. We later caught up with some of my old Reading mates, and by the time Colin bought in the tequila, we were all soon on the night-bus home. Luckily we weren’t hungover enough the next day to realise too late that our bus left Victoria at 1300, rather than the 3pm Colin misread on the ticket the day before.