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…New Year in Rome

I flew out to Rome on New Year’s Eve and was soon out in the city celebrating the new year in. Italians seem to prefer explosives over fireworks, and by midnight we had joined the circle of crowds outside Il Vittoriano watching people set off their own homemade devices in the street. When the fireworks ran out, everyone threw their champagne bottles into the centre – apparently traditional. With nothing left to throw, people dispersed and we managed to catch the end of a free concert near the Forum. During the rest of the week, Megan showed me the sights of Rome, I tried skiing for the first time at Campo Felice (only knocked down about 4 kids in all), and we visited many of the local towns around Rome…thanks to Megan’s parents for all the driving – much appreciated!




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  • Ruth, January 14, 2011 at 14:35

    Wonderful tour of your Italian trip, Henry ! Thank you very much for letting us be part of your experiences. Megan looks a very nice young lady – well done ! I love the picture of the cat’s fighting and the roman bricks in an old wall. There are some other gems of Rome’s architecture that are outstanding. We really enjoyed seeing the pictures. Best wishes from Ruth and Gerry