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Meat Club

Meat Club was started up by my friend Colin with a simple premise – obtain a carcass, wield big knives and return home with bags of meat for the freezer. For our most recent session Colin brought back half a pig from the local butcher, with 8 of us turning up to set about it on his kitchen floor.

Being my first time at Meat Club, I had the privilege of making the first cut to detach the head. We all pitched in and over the next few hours the pig was all but small piles on the floor. Piggy wasn’t giving up without a fight though – in an attempt to wrestle the femur away from the joint, the bone snapped and gouged Colin’s hand. A quick trip to A&E plus some fresh crackling later, and all was good again.

Judging by the quality of some of our cuts some more practice with the knives wouldn’t go amiss, but it was great to see how all the different meats come off the pig’s body. Also for only £10 each, it was great value for money for the amount we got. The dilemma now is what to cut up next?

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