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Bwlch Glas Mine

The last time I visited this mine, the whole thing had creeped me out – the first worry was the great shaft of water separated by just a few inches of slate from the first set of ladders down. The abseil down after into the mine proper had to be rigged off random relict mining artefacts and some suspicious plates drilled into the wall. The in-situ deviation was simply a rusted krab and piece of tat, which could have fallen apart by just looking at it. By the time we reached the bottom, the sight of rotten tree-trunks holding the mine open convinced me this was a bad place to be and we headed straight back out.

Two years later I mentioned the mine to Sam and Colin, and probably being more foolhardy than me, they came back with a sketch survey of the bottom that included some amazing mining relics. They told me the pitch had been re-bolted, so this was good enough for me to make a return with some of the ACC, and try and take some photos…

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Surveys by Colin Souness, Sam Doyle and Henry Patton