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Rotting scorpion rice-whiskey anyone?

The last few weekends have largely revolved around getting the ACC freshers down caves, and hopefully not scaring them too much in the process. On the 10th Oct, we organised a huge day trip down to Craig-y-Ffynnon and managed to get 3 groups past the boulder choke climb and to the Hall of the Mountain King. Somehow we scraped together enough kit together, though Megan had to brave it carrying a torch and no helmet.

Last weekend was our first weekend away, staying at the SWCC. I managed to skive off Saturday’s trips by going digging in Draenen with Fleur and Pete etc. Rich was on the trip too, but a knee injury from running earlier in the week meant he had to turn back after not long in. The plan was to carry in scaffold poles in order to reinforce the promising lead at the Yellow Van boulder choke. While they were installing those, three of us were clearing back spoil in Grotto Passage. Unfortunately there were no breakthroughs this time, and it looks like there’ll be more capping needed to negotiate a new tight section at the end of GP.

That night, I returned knackered to the SWCC where games of sock- and leg-wrestling were in full swing. Chris had opened his bottle of exotic rice-whiskey too, which smelled and looked more like a rotting biology specimen of a scorpion and snake in formaldehyde.  Needless to say not much of it was drunk. Sunday’s trips for the freshers were probably more challenging than the day before – Chris and Rich led two groups on a Cwm Dwr-to-OFD2 through trip, while I took another down to the sump from top entrance. Ruth, who was feeling a tad hungover, bimbled round top as well. Fair play to the new recruits though – they all coped and seemed to have fun. Chris also learnt the intricacies of the 24-hour clock this weekend…


2 comments to “Rotting scorpion rice-whiskey anyone?”

  • Henry, October 21, 2010 at 13:33

    I thought it was hilarious when I found out, but as to how it went down with others I don’t know as I was in Draenen at the time. Yeah it was an easy mistake to make so think embarrassment levels were high enough without the need for more grovelling letters.

  • Oli, October 21, 2010 at 12:39

    About the 24 hr clock busnes.
    Chris makes out like its the kind of accident that could happen to anyone, and no big deal. Is this because he wants to down play it, or do we need to grovel? my days of writing letters of apology on behalf of ACC are over!