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Return of the rain

Our weekend’s caving in Yorkshire was pretty much a washout. Continuous rainfall and lack of permits severely limited our options, though on the Saturday we tried out Rowten Pot. With my SRT kit already out in Greenland, probably down a moulin somewhere, I had to use one of ACC’s, and unsurprisingly found everything to be different lengths to what I’m used to. Much faffing with the rigging later and we were all at the bottom of the first pitch admiring the huge volume of water entering the cave, and speculating whether it was a good idea to carry on. Several ‘bad feelings’ between us meant we were back at the surface pretty soon after. Sunday brought even worse weather, so after several hours nursing hangovers, a few of us did some rope practice on the BPC’s indoor climbing wall.

With Rich’s fear of heights seemingly making a return, and me wanting to get in a decent SRT trip in before heading out to Greenland, we both decided to do a midweek visit to Pwll Dwfn. Water levels were pretty high in Wales too, though we managed to avoid the worst of the waterfalls.

The next day, we had a big trip in Draenen planned to the Cantankerous Surveyors Series. However, Rich’s arm injury from the climbing wall at the weekend meant we had to abort that trip, and instead explored some of the passages off Megadrive, and down Canyon East and West. With time on our hands, I managed to take some photographs before we headed out…

White Arch Passage, Ogof Draenen Ogof Draenen entrance series Megadrive, Ogof Draenen

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