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Priddy Green Sink

Apart from a brief trip to Amsterdam to catch-up with cavers returning from Dachstein, things have been relatively quiet since returning from Greenland. Last weekend saw a return to caving with a weekend at The Belfry for Oli’s leaving-do. Despite arriving gone midnight on the Friday, I woke on Saturday morning with an inexplicably massive hangover, wiping out any plans for caving. The next night was more subdued and on Sunday we managed to get underground, doing a Priddy Green Sink to Swildon’s through trip. Apparently there was bad air in the cave, not that I noticed, but enough for Rich to turn back after a few minutes in. Down in the Swildon’s streamway the smell of a recent heating oil spill was very noticeable, and by the time we had exited Blue Pencil and were on the Short Round trip, we found mould growing everywhere. The trip took six hours, and after six weeks off caving the bruises seem to be hurting more than usual.