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From folk festivals to moulins of doom

Last weekend was Priddy Folk Festival – plenty of hippies, fantastic weather and cheap cider made for a pretty relaxing time on Mendip. However, the other reason I was down that weekend was to get some SRT practice in before I head over to Greenland. The plan, seemingly concocted on a drunken night out several months ago, is to abseil down a large hole in the ice-sheet. Sounds cool, but would be kidding if I said I wasn’t nervous.

I found an excited email from my supervisor when I got back on Sunday night saying they had found a massive moulin – as deep and vertical as the eye could see. He wanted another 200 metre rope brought out to try and break the current descent record of 320 metres! Although I am slightly sceptical about whether this can be pulled off, the chance for some original and unique exploration sounds awesome. As the motto of the BEC goes…Everything to Excess!

If you’re not sure how moulins work, then this report is a good start.

True colours – the changing face of Greenland [National Geographic Magazine]
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Photo: Felix63/Flickr