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Mendip caving

The firework display in Priddy now seems like one of those annual events that I always seem to end up attending. To be fair, they are pretty amazing, and it times well with taking freshers on their first trip to the Belfry. This year there were 17 of us ACC, plus the usual BEC members around, making for a good party on the Saturday night.

Caving-wise, I led a Swildon’s short round trip on the Saturday. Despite the anticipated cluster-f*ck at the ladder pitch we made it round in just over 3 hours…without having to do any bailing of the ducks either, which was a bonus. Sunday, Rich had invited me along on a digging trip with MadPhil at St Cuthbert’s sump 2. This was my first time in the cave, and greatly enjoyed the trip despite having to carry cement bags in. The engineering work down there is pretty spectacular, and by the sounds of the cave potential it should all be worth it in the end. On our way out, Phil showed us some of the prettier sections of the cave, so well worth the aches the next day. I should apologise to Chris though for forgetting to wake him up on Sunday morning so he could join us.