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Geryon’s Lair

This weekend was Oli’s last chance for a caving trip before she heads out to Syria, so with Rich we decided to go see the amazing formations in Luck of the Draw at the southern end of Ogof Draenen. Our goal was to find the Geryon formation in the Cantankerous Surveyors Series.

After some faff, including rescuing a strung-up sheep near the cave entrance, we made it in by 1pm. Route navigation was pretty simple and we made it to Hall of the One in fairly quick time. Once in Luck of the Draw we were amazed by the number of formations which dominated this ~1km long passage. The best were undoubtedly in the grotto containing Medusa’s Children. A bit further along we hit crawls and unfortunately due to some poor navigation on my part we missed the junction to Geryon’s Lair and started heading towards the end of the cave. After some time we agreed that the route looked so rarely travelled that we must have gone wrong somewhere. Rich found the correct passage on our way back and we were soon admiring the fantastic Geryon. As the photos show, its a stunning formation, and judging by the log book, few people have ever seen it in person. We were ~15th group in the last decade or so.

Some photos later and we were heading out, briefly stopping to photograph the Medusa’s Children grotto. The trip out was tough going, but marzipan and nuts saw us through and we made it back by 1am the next morning – a 12-hour round trip in all. It was an excellent trip, and was a good send-off for Oli to see some of the best and remotest decorations in Draenen – a cave we have spent many hours in over the last year.


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