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Craig y Ffynnon

After crashing the CSS barbecue at Whitewalls on Saturday night, Megan, Chris, Oli and myself planned to go into Craig y Ffynnon the next day with the intention of reaching the Promised Land. After speaking to a few of the Chelsea members it was apparent we would need a ladder for this trip – something that we’d left back in Aber. Nevertheless, we made it to the Hall of the Mountain King where we bumped into members of the Cwmbran Caving Club. Some of their group who had been to the end of the cave pointed out that there was a tricky climb that by-passed the ladder pitch, but by now none of us fancied the wet crawl to get there. We left them to exit the cave while we messed about taking photos of the main chamber. After a quick poke round some side passages we followed them out, occasionally stopping to take more photos.

By the time we exited the cave we found England to be 4-1 down against Germany with 10 minutes to go – probably a wise decision to go caving instead of watching the football then.

Hall of the Mountain King, Craig y Ffynnon Craig y Ffynnon Travertine Passage, Craig y Ffynnon Travertine Passage, Craig y Ffynnon

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