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Every year, for one weekend at the end of November, all student cavers across Britain gather for the annual caving conference CHECC. This year it was being held in Yorkshire’s Dalesbridge Centre, and as seems the tradition for CHECC, the weather was fairly extreme. This year there was no rain, but instead temperatures were continually below zero and Britain was experiencing the worst November snowfall since records began (or some other inane and meaningless weather statistic).

Despite the snow, ACC made it out of Wales in time for the fancy-dress party on the Friday night. Our theme was ‘Mr Men’, so body-paint and silly hats were aplenty. There wasn’t much caving happening over the weekend because of the cold, but a few of us made it up Ingleborough on Saturday (below). Others were entering competitions back at the conference, of which Aber won quite a few including the SRT and ladder races. My photo of Rich and Oli in Geryon’s Lair above also won the photo competition, so am now the proud owner of a new AV oversuit!

After a pint of tea at Bernie’s we headed back to Aber relatively early on Sunday, luckily missing any snow-storms, though the car thermometer got down to -10°C in mid-Wales. Although I do like the cold, I’m just glad I didn’t have to camp outside this weekend!

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