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Aber by night

I’ve been getting a bit snap-happy in Aberystwyth recently. Having bought a tripod, I wanted to try my hand at some night shots. The classic view of Aberystwyth promenade from Constitution Hill seemed like a good place to start off, so on a clear night last week I spent an hour or so out in the freezing cold. I’ve uploaded a few of the best ones.

The next day, a massive storm hit, offering a good opportunity for some shots of big waves. From my office in the geography tower I could see the harbour wall getting completely battered by 30ft waves. Unfortunately by the time I got down into town, the winds had dropped and the sun had set so the pictures weren’t as spectacular as hoped.

Since I wasn’t caving this weekend for a change, I got the chance to bag some cool shots of the seafront at dusk. Aber is renowned for amazing sunsets, and Saturday afternoon was far from disappointing. To see all my shots, click here.

North Beach at night About to be soaked Above Alexandra Halls Aberystwyth Pier


3 comments to “Aber by night”

  • Beth Harris, April 30, 2014 at 21:58

    Hello Henry,

    I’m currently a 3rd year Theatre Design student at Aberystwyth University, and I was wondering whether I could use one of your “Aber by night” images for a project I’m doing for my solo design project.

    I’m creating an installation type performance based on the concept of electricity as a source of energy and power, and using images of various light sources to depict this.

    It would be very helpful if I could use one of the pictures, as I have not been able to achieve any decent images due to the amount of fog and rain that’s been hanging around recently!

  • Peter Huge, June 28, 2012 at 08:57

    I work as the nigh time economy officer for Aberystwyth and feel that you have encapsulated the town’s ‘sense of place’ with your photos. We’ve just become the first Welsh town to achieve the Purple Flag award and I hope to use some of your photos to pictorial describe why Aber is so special. Thanks Henry!

  • Oli, November 19, 2010 at 15:18